The Democratic Republic of Congo was a country I had truthfully knew little about until God placed this country on my heart.  I have now started to have a love for the people and see how beautiful the land and country is…and even more what it could be!

The people in DRC have had to endure so much…I can’t imagine what they have had to endure in their lives!  There are over 60 million people in DRC…with well over 8 million in Kinsasha (the capitol) alone!  Our little love is coming from a city of over 1 million!  The women (especially in Eastern DRC) have experienced rape and sexual violence, described as the worst in the world.  My heart aches for these women.  I just pray that they can be shown they still have so much value in Christ!

I can’t imagine the number of orphans in DRC alone, estimated 4-5 million…My mind can’t even fathom that!  These children may have no one on earth to be their advocate, to show them love, and to love them through their hurts.  Again, what are you called to do for these children?

There is so much about the country that overwhelmes me.  But one thing I see when I research the country is how resiliant the people are!  They are fighting to survive and come through their hardships.

Please pray for the people of DRC that they may see how good God is, despite the bad they may have experienced.



3 thoughts on “DRC

    • Heidi,
      I get so excited to hear from other adoptive families! DRC was an adventure and I would do it again in a heartbeat. My husband keeps reminding me that our daughter has been home less than 5 months ;)! Please email with any questions about adopting from DRC! larissa.anderson5 at gmail

      • I’d love to email you some DRC questions! I tried the email address and Gmail did not recognize it…let me know! (yes I changed the ‘@’ symbol. 😉

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