My baby is growing up!


Dear O,
Today is the first day of preschool! You are growing up so fast and your mommy is so incredibly proud of you! You were so brave today and I just pray that you are having a blast with your friends!
Always remember, even when you are scared, God is with you! How cool is that?! The creator of the universe is with you at preschool!

You are slowly learning to grow wings, and even though it is tough on this mommy, I know that these steps will lead you to be the special young man God had made you to be! I pray He helps to guard your heart and little mind as you take these steps! I also pray that you stand up for what is right and help protect those who are picked on.

Always remember… You are LOVED!!


One thought on “My baby is growing up!

  1. Hi there 🙂 Found your site from Nothing Left to Paint’s blog. We brought home our little boy in Jan. of this year from the DRC. It seems your journey is getting close to travel time… that must be really exciting!

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