Hope in her despair

Recently I spoke with our caseworker and she shared multiple times that Bella is a crier.  Even on her recent medical form her personality was defined as “crier”.  When they speak to the staff at the transition house, Bella is often crying in the background.  Apparently she cries all the time for ‘no reason’.  My heart hurts for her.  I cannot imagine how much my sweet little 16 month old has had to endure, and there is some reason she is crying.  Her first momma died when she was only a couple months old, has been cared for by multiple people, and after she attached to her foster momma, she was taken to a new place, where she was unfamiliar with everything.  Even though we are beyond excited for when we get to meet her and bring her home, it is going to be yet another big change for her and chances are, she won’t be as excited as us!  We are bracing ourselves for a less than welcoming “gotcha day.”  We are super excited to potentially be travelling with other families, but after talking to S, it sounds like the best thing for our little princess will be to lock ourselves away for our time there to focus bonding. 

Psalm 34: 18 The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. 

I have to remind myself that NO hurt is too much for our Savior to heal.  Our sweet little daughter needs so much prayer that her heart can be healed and that she can learn to trust us as her parents.  We also need prayer for wisdom to best meet her needs. 

We love you so much, our little love.  We are ready and so willing to help you heal (and help you learn to laugh and enjoy life!)



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