Flying high!

We have recently received great news!! We have an Embassy date, and so much sooner than we expected…That was definitely an answer to prayer.  God is SO good and so faithful!  This also means we can prayerfully bring her home in about a month…what a day that will be 🙂

We also received an unexpected email today with a sweet picture and update of Bella!  We heard that she is the loudest in the house (of 18!), loves the cook, just started walking, had a tooth pop through, started saying some words, and SMILING (with the bribe of sweets)!  There are so many milestones that we have missed, but just feel so blessed that she is healthy and smiling.  We know her heart has been through so much in her little life, but we know that God has chosen her to be a part of our family and we trust that He is preparing us to best parent her to be a joyful little girl!  She can soon join the silly little monkeys already in our home 🙂



2 thoughts on “Flying high!

  1. Congrats on the embassy date! I wanted to share that we recently got pictures of our two boys and your little one is in the background of one of them eating a sucker:) I posted then in the ALBB yahoo group photos. Josh and Sara Lyons album.

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