Working on Embassy appt…

To my dearest African Princess,

We heard some good news this week…they are working on scheduling the Embassy appointment! We (and a lot of mommy and daddy’s friends and family) are praying that this happens quicker than normal so we can come to you! You are constantly in our prayers and we think about you every moment of the day. What are you doing? Are you feeling safe? What are you spending your days doing? (we hear you are loving the cook :)). Are you growing? Walking? How are you sleeping…do you suck your thumb, have a special lovey when you sleep? We are praying hard that God is preparing your little heart for your new family. Even though we know it takes much more than just love, we already have plenty of that for you! Your big brother and sister are ready to share their toys with you! They tell everyone they meet about you! Their VBS is even raising money so mommy and daddy can take mosquito nets with us when we come get you to help save others in DRC from malaria. The kids have done an awesome job-as of tonight I think they had enough money for 44 nets!

A couple weeks ago we received a new couple pictures of you in the transition house. You have already grown SO much!! Some of your friends had a birthday, so we were able to see pictures of you and your friends enjoying a nice birthday bash! It made mommy and daddy’s hearts so happy that you are in a safe, and seemingly very loving environment.

We love you more than you will ever know!



One thought on “Working on Embassy appt…

  1. Congratulations! That is so exciting. I know you cannot wait to hold that precious little girl in your arms. Hoping you (and all the other ALBB families waiting for appointments) hear something very soon!

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