The week of the rollercoaster…

Last week, Leif, I, the kids, and Samson (our Old English Sheepdog), packed up and headed to Montana to spend some quality time with Leif’s family at their ranch for almost a full week.  We were all looking forward to spending time with family, the sight of Mountains, and some good “getaway” time.  We greatly enjoyed the weekend with his family….O and M ran their older cousins hard!! They definitely “hit the ground running” from the moment we set foot on the ranch.  His family’s ranch is set below the Crazy Mountains, and a great place to enjoy God’s creation! 

Monday morning, Leif had to head to Bozeman to do some work, so with the built in babysitters of a wonderful Tante (aunt), uncle, Mormor (grandma), Grandpa, and cousins, I decided to go with him and enjoy the day away.  While shopping, I received a call from our caseworker sharing that Bella was in the hospital being treated for malaria and received a blood transfusion, it was pretty serious.  My heart sank.  Thankfully Leif just returned from a visit with a customer and walked into the store.  It took all I had not to burst into tears right then and there.  I made it to the car and all I could think about was to get people praying.  I knew we had limited time for cell service and internet, so we both set out in tears to alert our prayer warriors via phone, text, and facebook.  Amidst tears, I would see an encouraging text or facebook response with the simple words of “praying” and my heart felt so blessed in a scary moment like that.  I knew that these amazing people were lifting up our precious daughter to our Father. (By the way, we can’t thank you enough for praying).  It was tough, knowing that we had other families in our program that lost children to malaria before they brought them home.  We had to have faith that God could and would heal her.   

All I could think about was after our firstborn, O, was born, and rushed to Bismarck’s NICU.  That was horribly scary, but I knew that we had family that was able to follow the ambulance there, and I could be there the next morning to be with him.  This was a new feeling of helplessness.  Our daughter was over 8,000 miles away and we couldn’t even hold her hand to comfort her and tell her how much we love her. 

We then went a day without an update…talk about the longest almost 48 hours of my life!  My heart and stomach were in knots.  When we finally heard that she was out of the hospital and doing much better, we also heard more good news!! She was being moved to Kinshasa to start the next steps of bringing her home.  We were so relieved that she is able to do this because it means we are on the final leg…but it also means that our little princess, who is probably still weak, will have to take a long flight to get there.  We are praying hard that she does okay and thrives in the transition home until we get to go get her!!!!

So what does that mean, you may ask?  She now has to get her passport, medical appointment for her visa, and some of the last steps before we can travel to get her.  It looks like it could be 6-8 weeks, if all goes smoothly, to bring our precious Bella home!!! 

Please, please, please continue to pray for our family, Bella, and for these last steps to go extra smooth to bring her home!   



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