This morning, I woke up to the noise of my phone alerting me of a new email. I had this feeling it was from our caseworker, as she is in the region our African princess is, and was going to make sure to take pictures and check on the kiddos for us waiting families. Well, my intuition was right!!!!  We received a short update and a beautiful picture of her!

This was such a relief! She said she is petite but healthy and attached to her caregiver! So much joy it gives this momma! I am on cloud 9 this morning…praise God!!!!  There is a part of me that wishes it was me holding her, but I am so grateful that they took time to spend with her.

When we showed the kids, M kissed the screen and O asked, “can’t we bring her home now?” Oh, how I wish! We are praying soon…I can’t wait to kiss that beautiful face!

We can’t help but share her beautiful face!  We haven’t had a new picture since March, so this was such a huge blessing!

Please pray, pray, pray that we can pick her up sooner than we can imagine!  We are hoping they come with process updates when they return home!


L &L



One thought on “Encouragement

  1. WHAT A DOLLY!!! She is beautiful. Seeing her even brought tears to my eyes. “May Abba Father hear your heart to be with this beautiful babe and may He bless the process and bring her home to her family in timely and safe manner. “

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