Continuing to trust

I saw a quote today that summed up my week..

Look back and thank God. Look forward and trust GOD. He closes doors no man can open and He opens doors no man can open.

This past week we heard bitter-sweet news. It was more bitter to take than sweet, but as I process it I am more able to let my heart continue to trust God’s timing. Let me tell you though, on Tuesday, I was pretty angry and not able to see the good in the news. We received an update to our program. There are some very positive things that came out of the call, including length of stay in country is shorter (which will ease finances a little and also allow us not to leave O and M for 3+weeks…more like 1 week.

The bad news….It is looking like not June travel..not July travel…but August?!!! That was one tough pill to swallow when thinking it would be end of June or early July. So, the packing has been put on ice for a little while.

The really sweet news is that she is now ours in the eyes of DRC! We have our final judgement, so our princess now has OUR last name!! 🙂

This morning God spoke to me and reminded me that even though my heart longs to be in DRC to pick up my African princess, He has plans for me here and I need to be FULLY present with my kids and enjoy the summer. I need to help them create memories and enjoy this time God gave me to spend with them. So I guess…bring on the sprinkler, pool, walks, parks, road trips, sand box…..

So please pray for patience and paperwork to go so smoothly…and maybe a miracle that things go unusually fast? Because He CAN open doors no man can open!


4 thoughts on “Continuing to trust

  1. What a great outlook you have, God is amazing and is always looking out for us, but it is sooo hard to see it His way most of the time! Congrats on Bella officially being an Anderson! We cant wait to meet her.

    • There is nothing more agonizing than waiting when you think you’ve waited long enough. But how sweet it will be when she’s sitting in your lap! The waiting will have been worth it. Glory to God.

      • Thanks, Evie!! You are so sweet 🙂 It will be so amazing when she is snuggled up with us…I can’t wait for it to be more than a dream. The waiting will make it so worth it! I pray God is the one who gets the glory through all of this 🙂

    • Abbey-thanks for being such a wonderful friend. You are right that it is so hard to see things His way…right now it painfully feels that way. I just pray through all of this, God can be glorified!

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