Lately I have been having a tough time waiting…I find myself feeling like my 2 year old, wanting Bella here NOW!!  Yesterday was particularly tough and I was struggling with the “downs” of international adoption.  As soon as the kids took their nap, I knew I needed some extra time with my Father.  He immediately reminded me in Psalm 130 to wait on Him!  He knew I needed that today even more, as we heard it will be a little later for travel.  (Now praying for June!)  It was easy to feel down, but the reminder that God is in control and His timing is perfect helped ease those feelings a little.

Today I also got to spend some much needed, quality time with some wonderful friends.   It was so refreshing to be with them and their kids and just be and enjoy the moment.  (Thanks ladies!)  When we got home this evening, there was a huge downpour and when the rain was done, I got a text to look out the window and there was a beautiful, amazing rainbow.  Another wonderful promise of God’s promises to us…THANK YOU!!





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