Falling deeper and deeper in love!

I am amazed at how much my heart loves this little girl, whom I never met.    The first picture we have I fell in love with her at first sight, but it makes my heart so happy that she is growing and very obviously thriving! We are millions of miles away, but I wish I could’ve just reached through the computer screen and held my sweet baby.  Owen had told me she was crying because she missed him and wanted to play with him.  I can’t wait for that day!!  He had to tell one of my friends on her voicemail that “My girl is SOO Cute!”  Molly kept telling me she will feed her a bottle and change her diaper…the little mother hen she is, I know she will be such a wonderful little helper.

I cannot wait until the day when I can smooch her sweet cheeks and rock her to sleep and tell her how much we love her!  We are hoping that day will be soon!  The director of our agency is accompanying families as they travel to pick up their children.  We are so excited for those families and know that someday soon it will be our turn and she will officially be ours!  Until then, we will pray for her and the other children of the DRC that they can feel the arms of their Father wrap around them!




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