Passed court!!

God has been continuing to amaze me at how smoothly this process has been going so far.  ALL glory goes to Him!  I remember discussing with our homestudy social worker about how adoption shows us how we are not in control…that HIS plan works itself out.  From the begining, we have been praying that things go smoothly, and we’ve been so blessed that it has.  There are times I feel it is going “too good” and waiting for some snag.  But so far, so good.  If there are snags, we will still praise and trust Him because it is part of His plan. 

This afternoon before we went out to play, I got the exciting email that court went smoothly and the judge did not request any other documents or changed documents.  So now we have to wait for the judgement to be typed, signed, and approved to officially start our 30 day wait (apparently a week or two for that).  So it looks like potentially June travel, but we will know more as things continue to progress. 

On a sweet note…tonight the kids and I were out on a bike ride and Owen riding next to me asks, “When my baby sister comes home, can I get a trailer for my bike like yours and pull her when you pull Molly?”  He is amazing me at how he is processing her adoption.  He seems so excited about bringing her home.  He even offered his blanket (aka “B”) to share with her, which is BIG stuff to him.  Both him and Molly are going to be such great big siblings!

Please pray that our 30 day wait starts by Wednesday the 21st so that by her 1st birthday we could celebrate her birthday and the appeal time being over! 


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