Abba, Father

We were able to have a great weekend with Leif’s family this weekend!  His sister and kids came and loved on their little cousins, which Owen and Molly absolutely LOVED.  Then his parents came for a couple of days and they had such a wonderful time with Mormor (grandma in Norwegian) and Grandpa.  Besides, it felt like spring has arrived so our time was spent outside!

We were also able to celebrate Leif’s birthday today!! Happy birthday, Hun!! God has given me an amazing husband and exceptional daddy to our kids!  I was blessed beyond belief to have a great dad myself and feel that it is one of the greatest blessings to be able to give our children.  Through this we are able to get a glimpse of what our Heavenly Father is like, our Abba Father, and that is something I pray my children are able to grasp because they have such an example of an earthly father.  Right now it’s also hard knowing that our other little love may have never experienced the same love of an earthly father to this point, but it gives me so much pleasure knowing she is able to share Leif as her earthly daddy and that God has her in HIS hand in the time being!

I had this great peace this week that we would find out some good news today.  I checked in with our coordinator and she shared that our documents were delivered to court today and are up for review Wednesday!!  We should receive official word sometime this week or next of the “final decision” on the adoption!! That then starts 30 day waiting period.  Please pray that there are no document errors and that everything goes so smooth on Wednesday.  We also heard on our yahoo group (families adopting from the same agency) that there are two other families having court on the same day, so please pray for those families also.

Leaving you with a thought as you watch Third Day’s “Children of God”-it is a powerful video that I think everyone should see! (I hope this works, as it is my first time blogging and adding a video)

Children of God


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