Recently we celebrated Valentines Day.  On this holiday to celebrate love we were making our trek across the great state of North Dakota to get our fingerprints done for our i-600a.  It was a momentous occasion, checking off one more “task” to be able to bring our “little love” into our home.  It also reminds us of Christ’s love for us and how he loves his child even more than we do and has a special plan for her life!!!!

Molly today was telling my good friend (as she was climbing into her son’s crib) that she had a crib for her baby sister.  That melted my heart that she is starting to process this.  But oh I don’t think she knows how her life is going to change 😉  We do know that she is going to be the most loving, caring, helpful, wonderful big sister.  She has such a caring heart and a desire to help and love others, that I know she is going to do great (even though there will be a period of adjustment).  We also know that Owen is such a great big brother that he is going to be his baby sister’s protector and will be one to look out for her and her best interest.

Today as I watched the kids playing together, my mind couldn’t help but imagine what joy it is going to be to see the three kids playing, laughing, and giggling together.  I also couldn’t help imagine how crazy it will be at times, but oh how my heart will love every moment.  My heart just wants her here with us now…but we know that God is teaching us patience through this process.

When we were staying with my grandma the night before our fingerprint appointment, we got the call that our dossier has been sent to DRC and should be there in eight weekdays…so our estimation was it will be there February 27th!  February has a lot of “momentous” days for our family.  Leif and I were “officially” engaged on February 25th (long story), Owen was born on February 26th, and now hopefully we will have our documents in DRC on the 27th….and it’s my best friend’s 30th  birthday on the 28th 🙂

We are now praying hard that things go so smoothly so that we can bring our little love home early summer (or before :)) .



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