The start of the wait…

So it seems we have two documents that are in DC getting authenticated and then our dossier is off to DRC!!! YAY!!  That means so many things, but most importantly starts the wait to bring our beautiful darling home!  I can’t imagine what the next months are going to bring and the emotions that will accompany these next months.

I can’t wait to travel to bring her home, but I also want to take advantage of these months of our family of four.  I want our current children to be excited about adding a sister, and not feel like they aren’t being enjoyed.  So these nights with Leif gone, I have enjoyed the snuggle times with both of my babes.  Our winter has been so wonderful, so today we had the chance to go play at the park with our friends in only light jackets…and Owen rode his bike!  That is almost unheard of in North Dakota!  We are just going to keep making memories until our baby girl joins us to make memories with our family of 5!!

Please keep us in your prayers as we wait!  May we take full advantage of every moment God has blessed us with!




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